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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  8   Issue 12  2019  
The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Innovation: A Literature Study
Keywords: Intellectual Capital, Human Capital, Social Capital, Organizational Capital, Innovation
Ozden Altindag , Ozge Fidanbas & Gaye Irdan

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Inbound Logistics: A Case Study
Keywords: Value Mapping Flow, Lean Production and Inbound Logistic
Antonio Mitsumasa Vieira Takita and Jandecy Cabral Leite

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Reverse Logistics and selective waste collection: environmental education as an auxiliary tool on the process of recycling of domestic electronic waste
Keywords: Selective collection; Environmental education; Waste; Electronic waste; Reverse logistics
Mário Ricardo Bento de Carvalho and Jandecy Cabral Leite

22-41   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 678 KB) 

Design of an Incentive Based Carbon Tax System
Keywords: Tax, Carbon Tax, Incentive Model, Modelling
Joseph Boyd and Kouroush Jenab

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