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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  7   Issue 06  2017  
Strategic Management Of Degraded Areas Recovery: Public Policy And Social Function Of Rural Properties.
Keywords: Environment, Land recovery, Public Policy, Management
Priscila Elise Alves Vasconcelos and Paulo Sérgio Vasconcelos

01-07   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 521 KB) 

Deployment of the Balanced Scorecard as A Tool for Measuring Performance: The Case of A Technology Company in Brazil
Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, Management, Decision
Edson Manica , Leandra Manica, Laura Teixeira de Souza and Solange da Silva, Dr.

08-18   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 700 KB) 

Improving Hotel Revenue through the Implementation of a Comprehensive Dynamic Pricing Strategy: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Investigation of Jordanian Hotels
Keywords: Revenue Management, Dynamic pricing, Value-based pricing, Hotel pricing tactics.
Firas J. Al-Shakhsheer , Ma’moun A. Habiballah , Mukhles M. Al-Ababneh and Jebril A. Alhelalat

19-33   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 710 KB) 

Tradeoff Analysis of Ousting the CEO
Keywords: impeachment; intrafirm political economy; CEO ousting; CEO turnover
Pedro Hemsley and Rafael Morais

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