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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  6   Issue 6  2016  
Exploring the Differences that Communication Medium has on Perception of Leadership Style: Does Communication Medium Affect the Leadership Rating of the Leader?
Keywords: Leadership, communication medium, gender, social media, performance, modesty
Ronald Bruce O’Neal, Ph.D. , Mark Green, Ph.D. , Esther Gergen, Ph.D. and Yu Sun, Ph.D.

01-16   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 960 KB) 

Ideal Leadership Perception of Undergraduate and Graduate Students: An Application
Keywords: Leadership, perception, power, management and personality

17-34   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 924 KB) 

How Nigerien SMEs can Build Internal Competencies by Learning from their Partners? The Case of 2isoft
Keywords: Competencies, SMEs, knowledge acquisition, inter-organizational relationships
Tahirou Younoussi Meda Adama

35-49   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 459 KB)