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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  2   Issue 10  2013  
Detrimental Effects of Marketing Practices on Consumers’ Buying Behaviors
Keywords: Detrimental Marketing Practices, Consumer Buying Behavior, Marketing Dilemma, Advertising, Consumer Rights
Hanan Iftekhar , Arslan Ayub , Adeel Razzaq and Muhammad Salman Aslam

01-05   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 358 KB) 

Do business promotion programmes raise human capital? The case of Lithuania
Keywords: business start-up, human capital, business promotion programs, employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship
Dr. Rita Remeikienė and Prof. Dr. Gražina Startienė

06-13   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 592 KB) 

Role of Textile Sector in Domestic Resources Development
Keywords: Textile Sector, Trade, Pakistan, Cotton Industry
Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khaliji , Seyed Ibne-Ali Jaffari , Akmal Shahzad and Muhammad Mehtab

14-27   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 542 KB) 

The Impact of Inventory Inaccuracy in the Food Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
Keywords: Inventory management, inventory inaccuracy, record accuracy, cycle counting, food manufacturing industry
Thanasak Ruankaew, PhD and Patricia Williams

28-34   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 453 KB) 

Destination Image on the Web: Evaluation of Pernambuco’s Official Tourism Destination Websites
Keywords: Pernambuco, Image. Tourist destinations, Websites, Tourism, Brazil
Salomão Alencar de Farias, Edvan Cruz Aguiar , Michelle Helena Kovacs and Francisco Vicente Sales Melo

35-48   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 583 KB) 

DIKIW: Data, Information, Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom and their Interrelationships
Keywords: Data, Information, Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom, DIKW
Anthony Liew

49-62   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 484 KB) 

What Influences Migrant Workers Increasing?
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Migrant Workers, Influence, Hygiene factors, Commitment
Masoom Ahmed , Fazluz Zaman and Munshi Samaduzzaman

63-69   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 431 KB) 

Problems in Entrepreneurial Capital Generation and Importance of Governmental Reforms to Resolve; in Underdeveloped Countries
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Capital, Financial Constraints, Creativity
Hanan Iftekhar , Arslan Ayub , Adeel Razzaq and Muhammad Salman Aslam

70-73   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 355 KB) 

The Nexus between Technological Learning, Downsizing, Employee Commitment, and Organizational Performance
Keywords: Technology adoption, Downsizing, Employee commitment, Organizational performance, Technological Learning
Adeel Razzaq , Arslan Ayub , Farah Arzu and Muhammad Salman Aslam

74-80   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 389 KB) 

Organizational Survival Aggravation Tendency as Organizational Undertaking
Keywords: organizational survival aggravation, organizational survival aggravation tendency, organizational undertaking
Dr. Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

81-91   |   Abstract  |   Full Text(pdf 578 KB)