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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
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Article Abstract
Career Management, Employee Development and Performance in Indian Information Technology Organizations
Keywords:  Employee development, career planning, employee growth, employee performance, IT organization
Dr. Harold Andrew Patrick and Amit Kumar
Employee development has surged to the forefront on concerns for HR departments. Many organizations have established career centers to enhance employees’ professional growth. Employee development is sponsored by an organization for its workers and focuses on identifying, assuring, and helping evoke new insights through planned learning. A lack of career planning for promotion and individual aspirations with organizational needs and opportunities causes great personal and financial hardship, both to the individual and the company. The present study investigates relationship between career planning, performance and employee growth and explores the alignment between individual and organization’s career planning. 100 employees from five Indian IT companies were administered a researcher developed questionnaire followed by personal interviews to collect data. It was found that Career guidance, leadership roles, network building, developing new skills, taking up special assignments and receiving productive feedback from the boss play the most important role in making the careen path easier and also aids in the performance and employee growth. Will to seek information, introspecting past experience, experimenting new work roles, and discussing career interest with superiors and colleagues play a moderate role in career planning and performance of the employees. The paper discusses the results and implications for Indian IT organizations.
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