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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  9   Issue 08  2020  
Article Abstract
The Customer's Path Impact in Customer Satisfaction
Keywords:  Customer satisfaction, marketing efficiency, KPIs, customer's path, MVP
Kanu Priya
In the modern marketing, customer satisfaction is a continuous challenge for goods and services providers since customers, weather organizations representatives or private persons had become more demanding in all buyer journey stages. The customer satisfaction starts from the awareness stage as the information and details one is exposed to can be perceived as being useful or completely waste of time, depending on the person degree of subject matter knowledge. If a communication about a certain good or service is provided to someone who is not interested in the respective good or service in that moment, regardless his near future possible need in this direction, the non-satisfaction will appear, making possible for the individual to not even take into consideration the product or service even when the need is more obvious. The conversion rates from one stage to another are showing eventually the satisfaction level that will impact all the results down to the commercial funnel. Marketing efficiency is provided by the results of marketing actions and is measured by various indicators such as Number of Impressions, Conversion Rates, Number of Active Customers, Net Promoter Score etc that as compared to traditional market share indicator, provides more data driven customer insights. Some marketing actions may be well thought through by the product or service owner and yet, the results are less than expected. Or, on a contrary, the actions are short term developed (Minimum Viable Product), using design thinking or agile methodologies, prototyped and tested with the actual customer and developed further, that in longer run proves to be more efficient. This article will investigate how the customer's path should be approached in the actual context of modern marketing and innovative technologies for the customer satisfaction to create greater, positive impact in the overall marketing efficiency. This article is based on literature review and professional experience in international companies and its purpose is to highlight the transformation of the customer satisfaction perspective, from marketing mix to great customer experience path.
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