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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  8   Issue 12  2019  
Article Abstract
Inbound Logistics: A Case Study
Keywords:  Value Mapping Flow, Lean Production and Inbound Logistic
Antonio Mitsumasa Vieira Takita and Jandecy Cabral Leite
The competition among companies and corporations forces them continually seek for improvements to achieve and keep place in the market. In the dynamism of current time, in which big brands are unstable and the cycle of life of their products are gradually shorter, adapt the production means is becoming a matter of survival, once the products among competitors are getting more and more similar, in technology and price as well. The differential consists, therefore, in production costs, storage, distribution and transport, what it is called inbound and outbound logistics. The companies, which are able to optimize their service and produce through lean manufacturer, has the possibility of putting in the market, in fact short time, new models. To make the costs more competitive, it was used in this study the Value Flow Mapping in a factory located in Manaus Industrial Pole, which has the main clients two wheels that automakers produce in Brazil. This factory works with national and international logistic, through waterway and road transport, to import raw material and inputs for its end product. The article about dissertates concepts which base the tool of Value Flow Mapping, advantages, improvements, besides difficulties for its implantation and necessary steps for its use. The main goal of this study is to sustain the process of continuing improvement, focused on Lean Production. The methodology used was the case study. The result it will reached the productive process leaner and, therefore, more competitive for global market
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