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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  8   Issue 7  2019  
Article Abstract
Micro Industries of Handmade Banana Candies in Paraná Coast, Brazil
Keywords:  Manufacture, Typical products, Family production, Agrobusiness, Rural industrylogistics services
Adilson Anacleto , Bruna Gonçalves Nunes , Bruna Renata e Sousa & Caroline Delfino Gonçalves
Banana is an important food in Brazil, and although the banana has an important position in the world ranking of production, the productive chain shows problems of production utilization due to the bad conditions of harvesting, processing and transportation for the commercialization. The main way to avoid this loss is to use the fresh banana in candies production, and in Paraná Coast there are dozens of small agrobusiness industries that transform the banana into candies, representing an important regional economic activity. Despite the relevance of this product, few studies have been carried out about this sector. Thus, this study aimed to promote a characterization of the micro industries that produce handmade banana candies in Paraná Coast, highlighting the main implications and the socioeconomic potential of the activity. A descriptive exploratory research was carried out from July to December of 2018, with seven managers of handmade banana candies micro industries with recognized leadership in the sector. The study showed that the micro industries in their totality, are handmade, are located in the rural area and the manufacturing process uses the family labor and an average two people work in the industrialization. The main implications observed were the non-professional management of the companies, the low production capacity, and the lack of capital in order to invest in technology and equipment acquisition. The main potentialities observed in the interviewees' perception were the family income from the activity, the quality of the product that makes easier the sale and the raw material available and with low cost. It was concluded that the adoption of rural management tools could promote significant improvements in the management of the companies, improving the efficiency of the handmade banana candies micro industries in Paraná Coast.
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