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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  6   Issue 10  2017  
Article Abstract
Retail trade of fishes in natura in Paraná Coast – Brazil
Keywords:  Environmental management, Environment, mills, Fish, Fishermen, Littoral of Paraná.
Adilson Anacleto, Alana Mariana de Campos, Bianca Dantas do Nascimento, Geovana Ezequieli de França and João Marcos dos Santos Alves
It is presented a study that try to support a better understanding of the current scenario of the fish trade in Parana Coast, Brazil, which aimed to update data on how the fish trade processes were established in Parana Coast, what were the commercial strategies adopted by traders and discuss the implications of the reality observed in the context of trade in relation to this region. For that, it was carried out from June to November of 2016, an exploratory descriptive research with face-to-face interviews with 40 fishermen with recognized experience in fish commercial processes. It was observed that the main obstacles to the commercial development of the fishery in Parana Coast, in the perception of the interviewees were the high costs of production, the decrease of fishes stocks and the lack of clients out of the summer time. The main commercial strategy adopted by traders of fish in the region was the discount in the price per quantity sold, and in general, other commercial strategies adopted that could result in a competitive advantage were not observed. It is considered that the sector organization for joint purchasing as a form of cost reduction and strengthening of the social situation in the bargain with the public power, apparently it could give advances in the commercial activity.The adoption of new commercial strategies that are simple and easy to adopt, based on the marketing mix, and that aimed at customer loyalty and expansion of consumption, could positively change the current situation. It is recommended to carry out new and more in-depth studies on the fish trade, in order to diagnose the most efficient commercial strategies in this sector.
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