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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  6   Issue 1  2016  
Article Abstract
Proposal of Cost Reduction in the Produciton Process of Soft Drinks Concentrate from Tholor do Brasil based on the Use of Integrated PDCA/DMAIC Tools
Keywords:  concentrate; Tools; Six Sigma; Lean System; Soft drinks
Francisco de Assis Mourão Júnior , Edílson Marques Magalhães , Tirso Lorenzo Reyes Carvajal
The general aim of this work was to show a proposal of cost reduction, for the production process of soft drinks concentrate from Tholor do Brasil Ltda in Manaus, using the integrated PDCA/DMAIC tools, based on the philosophy of lean manufacturing system and six sigma methodology. About the methodology, it is a case study that contemplates a documental field research, carried out with the use of questionnaires to 12 employees from the soft drinks concentrate production area of the company, which made possible to achieve the goals of this work, highlighting from the production employees' perspectives, what improvements can be implemented in the general production process of the soft drinks concentrate production. The results show that with the implementation of the integrated PDCA/DMAIC tools, in the course of six months, the loss rate will be reduced by at least 30%, proving the efficiency of the present proposal, demonstrating the opportunity and modification viability in this company process, emphasizing the project integration Lean Six Sigma to the production, through integrated PDCA/ DMAIC tool, standardizing methods to optimize the use of equipments, increasing the labor productivity at all stages and operational actions of the entire production process, avoiding waste, reducing cost and increasing the operational efficiency.
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