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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  5   Issue 10  2016  
Article Abstract
Building Strategic Alliances between Buyer-Supplier in Mining Operations: Analysis in the Industry Competition Context
Keywords:  Buyer-Supplier transactions; Buyer-Supplier; Strategic Alliances; Maturity Model; Supply transformation
Ronaldo Darwich Camilo, Dr. , Carlos Alberto Gonçalves, Dr. and Daniel Jardin Pardini, Dr.
This paper presents a study about structural and functional formation conditions of Buyer-Supplier (BS) alliances in core mining production process activities. The study of this possibility marks an evolution challenge to this industry, traditionally not so sensitive to aspects related to network modularity in business model provoked by modern economy acceleration. An empirical research has been performed to validate construct formation and some previous propositions needed to investigate a change in the current mode of maintenance services supplier transactions to create additional value in process operations. This study is contextualized in an environment that adopts a framework for high-performance maturity management model for mineral process industry. The investigation takes into account content analysis of economic, human, technological and organizational dimensions as present capability. In sequence it gives attention to conduct analysis considering Plan-Do-Chek-Learning management life cycle involved in the supply process activities for a future transactions maturity stage. This case study investigation attempts to examine Buyer perspectives in the relationship change using survey and factorial analysis with discriminating validation for construct indicator's instantiation and validation. This is needed in the way to find a decision-making model considering the different perspectives of actual market driven mode of transaction to future strategic alliances for sharing service systematization in core operations. This study signalized some differences in BS comprehension for questions of content knowledge and management methodology issues compared with literature best practices. Results show that strategic alliance formation in the mining production process activities is a perspective to be developed and consolidated tanking in account new variables arrangement for identified constructs to support advanced robust modeling studies.
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