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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  5   Issue 10  2016  
Article Abstract
Prospective Analysis of Production and Commerce of the Handmade Brandy Sugar Cane in Littoral of Paraná – Brazil
Keywords:  Brandy Sugar Cane. Littoral of Paraná, Alembic. Distilled drinks
Adilson Anacleto , Daniel Pavilaki , Felipe Marcelo Candido Gonçalves, Mauricio de Carvalho and Taiza Alves do Nascimento
The brandy is a distilled drink very popular in Brazil, and in the state of Parana there are over 400 producer of this beverage which it can be found in many types. Insert between the most delighted drinks is the hand-made brandy which is manufacture since the Brazilian colonial period and it can be found in different flavors loved the customer's taste. The littoral is the main manufacturer region of the hand-made brandy sugar cane in Parana, and in spite of the tradition and the economic importance of this beverage in the state, a lack of systematic information about the production and commerce can be found in the location. Due to this context the prospective study has been performed to provide a diagnostic and evaluation of the production and commerce of this product in Coast of the State Parana. Therefore a research with the objective to describe has been done with the help of an interview performed between August and November of 2015, along with 5 manufacturers. The study revealed that the production places in the Coast of Parana can be defined as of small scale which is dedicate to production and commerce of hand-made beverages, in additional to the traditional distilled drink, a Premium and extra Premium version, which is an aged version of the product, can be found with a greater quality. The producers classify it as the biggest advantage of the brandy's preparation in the littoral of Parana. The main strategy adopt was the "focus", lowering the production and rising the selling price. The majority of the interview have spoken that they don't intend to expand their production neither the entrance in new markets, and this commercial passiveness, which was observed, can make things easy for new competitors and harm the establishments in the Littoral of Parana.
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