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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  5   Issue 9  2016  
Article Abstract
The Moderating Effect of Social Desirability and Self-Efficacy on the Relationship between Message Framing and the Communication Effects for the Smokers
Keywords:  Message Framing, Communication Effect, Smoking Cessation, Personality Trait, Health Promotion
Dong Jenn YANG and Kai Wen LEE
This study examined the communication effects of smoking cessation using the two variables of message framing and personality traits for smokers. Message framing is classified into positive messages and negative messages. Personality traits involve self-efficacy and social desirability. Use 122 valid smokers to participate a between-subject experiment and a hierarchical regression analyses. The results showed that, for smokers, positive messages had a more significant effect than negative ones. Message framing have partial interaction with personality traits on the communication effects. And positive messages with low self-efficacy or low social desirability have a better effect. This study recommends that for specific preventive issues of social marketing or the audience with low self-efficacy/social desirability, positive messages are the better option.
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