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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  5   Issue 8  2016  
Article Abstract
Proposal for the Generation of Alternative Sustainable Energy Using Methane Gas from the City's Landfill
Keywords:  Sustainability, Power generation, Selective collect, Process management
In the last two decades, various studies on the concentration and greenhouse effects gas flow (especially CO2 and CH4) have been performed on lakes and natural rivers and dams worldwide, showing that these environments may significantly contribute to the greenhouse effect. Aquatic environments produce these biogenic gases in the process of decomposition of organic matter produced within the environment (autochthonous) or which is imported from the watershed (allochthonous). It is estimated that these environments contribute with about 40% of the total methane gas emission into the atmosphere. Several cities in the world in order to reduce this problem, are taking advantage of landfills to generate electricity and also marketing this renewable energy, arising from that thought, it would be of essential importance to Manaus, as being the largest capital of the Amazon forest and which has not seek further to minimize this impact yet. The proof is that the recycling of control in terms of statistics only began in the year 2012. This article's goal is to propose a sustainable alternative energy generation through methane gas in the city's landfill, based on data from the city bodies. The methodology applied was through research in loco in the sectors of local, state and federal governments to find out whether Manaus is within the minimum parameters and data analysis of solid waste, the research universe and detailed description of the data analysis. The results showed that today Manaus generates around 2632.156 t/day of solid waste, from home and hospital collections, mechanical removal, manual removal, pruning collect, separate collection and others'.
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