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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  4   Issue 8  2015  
Article Abstract
The Perception of Organizational Identity of NGOs in Partnership Processes between the Belo Horizonte's City Hall and the Third Sector
Keywords:  Identity; Non-Governmental Organizations; Third Sector; Partnership public institutions
Leandro Sifuentes Paulino and Iris Barbosa Goulart
This article approaches the partnership between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and municipal city halls and has the objective of analyzing the perception that NGO's representatives have of these institutions' identities in the partnership established between Belo Horizonte's City Hall and the NGOs in agreement. The intention was to evaluate the importance of this partnership to the mentioned institutions, as well as if the representatives of the NGOs consider them public or private institutions. The work's theoretical grounding was based on revising the Organizational Identity Theories, and on the history and characteristics of the Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as in the relationships between the State and Non-Profit Organizations, in the perspective of considering various author's opinions about the matter. In order to reach the suggested aims, a qualitative research has been made, which consisted of a case study and used five Entities of Shelter for Children and Teenagers in partnership with the City Hall as units of analysis. For collecting the data, research techniques like the analysis of documents and interviews made with representatives of the NGOs were adopted. After collecting the information, the data was submitted to an analysis of its content. The reached conclusion was that the NGOs are related to religious and community movements and the identity of these organizations is accordingly to the law, whereas some of the NGOs representatives think the partnership is important and others are not sure about the public or private identity of the organization they represent.
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