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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  4   Issue 4  2014  
Article Abstract
Influences of Firm Size, Age and Sector on Innovation Behaviour of Construction Consultancy Services Organizations in Developing Countries
Keywords:  Control variables, Construction consultancy services firms, Innovation, Organization characteristics
Adinoyi Yaqoob Moohammad , Yusof Nor’Aini and Ernawati M. Kamal
Many previous studies on the influences of firm characteristics on organizational innovation practices generated inconsistent results. These have led many innovation scholars to believe that firm characteristics, such as the firm size, firm age and firm sector, can be both enablers and inhibitors of innovation depending on circumstances and the environment of the firms concerned. The current study attempts to extend the study on the impacts of these variables on the construction consultancy services firms' innovation practices where innovation studies have been scanty thereby generating research gap. The contribution of this study therefore includes establishing the extent to which these variables influence innovation practices of the construction consultancy services firms in Nigeria; and to confirm whether these variables influence them in the same way as in the other sectors or not thereby enriching the innovation literature that is scarce in this sector. The study used structured questionnaire to collect the primary data from the Nigerian construction consultancy services firms operating in Abuja and environ and the collected data were subjected to multiple regression analysis to determine the impacts of these variables on the innovation practices of the sampled consultancy firms. It was found that the three variables (firm size, age and sector), cumulatively explain 5% of the variance in the overall innovation practices of the consultancy firms indicated by R2 value of 4.9 significant at p< .01. However, only firm size among the firm characteristics had a significant positive impacts on the consultancy firms' innovation practices with a beta value of .19 significant at p<.0; while the firm age and firm sector, both had negative but insignificant beta values, implying that they have no individual impact on the firms' innovation practices. The results therefore justify the use of the firm size, age and sector as control factors.
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