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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  3   Issue 10  2014  
Article Abstract
The Spontaneity of International Market and the Need for Entrepreneurial Marketing Evidence of Albanian Entrepreneurs in Italy
Keywords:  Spontaneity, international market, immigrant minority entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing.
Fetahu Elvira , Xhaferi Besa and Fetahu Elona
Nowadays the evidence is in support toward the new characteristic of international markets - spontaneity, despite all the regulations made in the world wide trade recently. There are too many forces influencing its development, mostly not interfering to each other, and making it evolve very unexpectedly. Consequently, capturing marketing internationally is fundamentally different compared to the domestic market. International market is a very fractioned market and finding ways to enter is both easy and risky. Considering traditional international marketing channels, we can easily notice several difficulties in making goods and services move efficiently and effectively to the final consumer. In times of crisis, this becomes even more evident and we need to try other concepts and ideas than low costs and typical marketing mix. Having present the migrant minority entrepreneurship as a possible international marketing channel to go international with our Albanian products and services, and taking for granted that Albanian immigrant entrepreneurship deals with international marketing, we can consider two main moments of interest to compare on this regard; first, the low cost these channels represent to bridge transnational in the host countries, and, second, their entrepreneurial attitude regarding their experience almost always dealing with several difficulties, being more entrepreneurial and more active in the international market, answering to its spontaneity with a much more aggressive behavior, proactive attitude, entrepreneurial marketing increasing significantly their effective behavior, being the first to achieve the next consumer in the international market. This last model can be much more promising for success and better marketing performance, as they already have the characteristic of low cost operation and this way fits to innovation and risk management, leveraging value of the products and services advancing consumers' needs.
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