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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  3   Issue 8  2014  
Article Abstract
Factors Conditioning Failure of Micro and Small Businesses of the Information Technology and Communication (ICT): Study of Multiple Cases, Aracaju (SE), Brazil
Keywords:  Entrepreneurship. Micro and Small Enterprises. Failure factors
Mariana Carla Lima França, Iracema Machado de Aragão Gomes, Glaucio José Couri Machado and Suzana Leitão Russo
Entrepreneurship as a role in the socio economic boost economic and social development. The strength of the economy of many countries is promoted by the success of micro and small enterprises. Despite all the stimulus to micro and small enterprises, the mortality rate of these companies is a concern because it represents a big challenge. This study aimed to identify the main factors that led to micro and small enterprises in the ICT sector in the city of Aracaju to failure and their main problems. This research was characterized as qualitative. The research method used was a multiple case study and the instrument for data collection was through interviews using a semi-structured. Additionally, documentation and file records served to highlight the information in this study. Realized that entrepreneur's profile and previous experience were not factors that influenced the corporate bankruptcy, as the education level of respondents was high and almost all had previous experience in the field. The most important failure factors identified in this study were: lack of customer service and not obsolescence monitoring technologies, lack of working capital, problems in managing the company's financial problems with partners, poor quality of products and services and delinquencies debtors. However, respondent had no managerial experience. And this evidence explains the failures in planning and management of the business.
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