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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  3   Issue 5  2013  
Article Abstract
Organic Rice in Brazil: A public health question
Keywords:  Organic rice, public health, agriculture, organic seed
Marly Cavalcanti and Centro Paula Souza
Organic rice has price R$ 980 production per hectare, compared with conventional tillage on twice. Profitability of 30% to 35%, compared with conventional tillage on injury in the current crisis the culture of rice. Productivity practically equal to that of a conventional tillage. But, mainly, autonomy. The producer knows what produces, as it produces, the entire chain, dominates the production of seed planting, harvesting, drying, processing, packaging and marketing. Who planted rice under the principles of organic agriculture in Rio Grande do Sul harvest had no prejudice. With a much smaller production cost, the low price paid to producers by the sack of 50 kilograms, R$ 17 in the worst days - today is around R$ 25-still allowed profit to 407 families of members of the Central Cooperative of settlements of Rio Grande do Sul (Coceargs), with plantings in Eldorado do Sul and 12 more municipalities in the region. Conventional organic producers border to begin to realize that crazy neighbors have nothing. Ten years ago, when started. "Today they want to know how they do it to make a profit in the middle of this crisis,. The organic rice of the settlers, whose production is of 300 bags of 50 kg per crop and 20 thousand bags of organic seed is sold under the brand name free land, public markets, in school lunches, at fairs. The price to the consumer? R$ 1.60 per. Also there's nothing left due to conventional rice. Ten years ago the settlers, who previously produced rice, departed for organic farming. It was a political decision, if they keep in the conventional ride, would have broken, with all certainty and recalling of several friends who remain in conventional tillage rice. And broke. We entered the crisis, but do not break with the crisis.
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