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ISSN: 2047-7031

bmd Business and Management Dynamics bmd
ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  3   Issue 1  2013  
Article Abstract
A Study on the Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction amongst Employees of a Factory in Seremban, Malaysia
Keywords:  job satisfaction, factors of job satisfaction
Lai Chai Hong , Nik Intan Norhan Abd Hamid and Norliza Mohd Salleh
The purpose of this study was to identify the level of satisfaction of the non-administrative employees toward their job in a Company X, Seremban. Determine the relationship between level job satisfactions of the non-administrative employees with four demographic factors, which are gender, age, wages and level of education and identify the factors that affect non-administrative employees' job satisfaction such as work environment, pay and salary, fairness and promotion criteria. The level of job satisfaction among the non-administrative employees were analysed based on their demographic factor and the influence of the level of job satisfaction factors (independent variables) on the level of job satisfaction (dependent variable). Sampling 35 respondents of non-administrative employees at Company x in Seremabn was chosen to carry out the research. The data was analyzed using SPSS software. Non parametric Statistical tool such Kruskal-Wallis test, frequency and Wilcoxon signed-rank test were used. There are two types of variables used in this research which are Dependent Variables (DV) and Independent Variables (IV). Level of job satisfaction is classified as the DV while the factors of job satisfaction (work environment, pay and salary, fairness and promotion criteria) are classified as the IV. A conceptual framework is drawn based on the variables. The results indicated that work environment, pay and salary and promotion criteria significant impact towards employees' level of job satisfaction whereas fairness of the company do not have significant impact towards the employees' level of job satisfaction.
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