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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
Volume  2   Issue 11  2013  
Article Abstract
Stages of materializing the sustainable development concept
Keywords:  sustainable development, environment, economic growth, environmental protection
This article discusses the different views on the natural environment achieved during economic history and moments that have contributed to economic development orientation towards concern for the environment. In the Marxist view, nature had no value; it was used with the aim of production. Neoclassical economic comes from the late nineteenth century with the idea that nature gives us resources and economic activities may not create problems. The first report of the Club of Rome, Limits of Growth, the first World Conference on the Environment in Stockholm in 1972, the works of the World Commission on Environment started in 1983 constituted warning signals of environmental issues and the need for a shift to an economic development whose activities are focused around environmental pillar. Sustainable development gains the economic and social sides which are depending on the environmental pillar starting with Brundtland Report. Next conferences on sustainable development were held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, in 2002 the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg and Rio +20 conference where evolutions were analyzed and goals were set.
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