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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
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Article Abstract
The knowledge elements impact on the performance of the travel and tourism companies: From the view point of employees
Keywords:  Travel and tourism companies, knowledge management, employees’ expertise, communication channel.
Dr. Abdul Sada Mutlaq Raheem Al Saleem and Dr.Noorya Flayyih Mzaiel Al-Juboori
This study is based on one basic idea; namely identifying the elements of knowledge that can lead to the success of travel and tourism companies in their performance and maintaining market competitiveness through the continued process of selling the product or by raising its sales rates. It has been shown that this depends on three essential elements of knowledge represented in the knowledge obtained by the company through the experience of labor and then through the software, the hardware and the equipment of the modern technological used in the company that contribute to the investment and the utilization of this knowledge in facilitating the work, and finally the communication channels through which a base of information essential for building knowledge in a private company is provided. The research includes two aspects, the theoretical side, which relied on a set of references and scientific books to get the preliminary information about knowledge in general, and the practical side that was done through the distribution of 60 questionnaires, of which were recovered 54, after the verification 3 questionnaires has been neglected for non-completion of the answers and therefore the number of reliable questionnaires became 51. The researchers made the procedures of correcting the tool and entering the data into the computer, they have as well analyzed the results of the questionnaire to a set of conclusions that contributed to the access to achieve the objectives of the research and finding solutions and alternatives to the problem of the study through the formulation of a set of recommendations and practical proposals that fit The nature of this study, which also serves the research community.
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