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ISSN: 2047-7031

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ISSN: 2047-7031  
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Article Abstract
Vocational Technical Education in Nigeria: Challenges and the Way Forward
Keywords:  Vocational Education, Challenges, Way forward.
Okolocha, Chimezie Comfort
There is no gainsaying that education remains the key to sustainable development of any country. It was in realization of this that a National Policy on Education was formulated. The trend now in the society shows that the level of one's education does not have a significant effect on one's growth rather the effect is more pronounced on the level of skills possessed and the ability to apply the skills in the real world of work. Possession of requisite vocational technical education (VTE) skills and its applicability will help to implement complex growth inducing technologies and productivity enhances practices. The vocational technical education systems in most nations have undergone enormous change in recent time. This was as a result of new policies on VTE, which forced most countries of the world including Nigeria to turn around their traditional VTE policies and practices in line with the recent trend. Nigeria formulates viable policies but the implementation of such policies has been the major bane to VTE development. This paper critically reviews the micro and macro vocational technical education policies in Nigeria, their current challenges and the way forward.
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