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What is scope of Business Management Dynamics?
Answer: BMD publishes research articles in all the fields that are relevant to business. That might be from internal perspectives like management, finance, human resource management, marketing, sales, operations management, strategic management, quality management, or it might be covered externally like, economic conditions, macroeconomic policies, sales management, consumer behavior, fiscal and monetary policies, impact of environmental, social, political or cultural factors on business, economic conditions, entrepreneurship and small business management etc. Summing it up it covers all the subjects that fall in the category of business and management.

Is this journal a refereed journal?
Answer: Yes, BMD is a referred journal and it follows double blind peer review process

Is this journal published both in print and online versions?
Answer: BMD is purely an online journal

Is BMD an open access journal? If so what are the benefits of being an open access journal?
Answer: Yes BMD is an open access journal. Being an open access journal, it can be traced and visited easily; any one at any time can get access to our publication which makes our dream realize i.e. to help business, society, academicians, researchers, students and all those who are directly or indirectly related to business. It also pays researcher, as open access will increase possibility of use of their research which will increase their citation.

What types of manuscripts are published in BMD?
Answer: BMD publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.

Does BMD launch special issues?
Answer: Yes, as per requirements special issues may be launched.

Who is the publisher of BMD?
Answer: BMD is published by Society for Business and Management Dynamics (SBMD) currently operating in England, Finland and India.

How to submit our paper to BMD?
Answer: You can submit your paper to the editor through e-mail

What are the submission guidelines?
Answer: Authors have to follow certain guidelines that are given on the website of the journal

Is there any page limit for publication?
Answer: No there is no page limit for manuscript

How much time does BMD takes to review the manuscript?
Answer: BMD aims to have a quick review process which will not be more than seven days.

Is there any publication fee with BMD?
Answer: Yes, in order to meet the administrative costs, BMD charges only $200 to publish a paper.

What is the acceptance rate of papers?
Answer: not determined yet.

Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?
Answer: Yes, BMD welcomes research of any type related to business

Where to submit publication fee?
Answer: Contact editor for payment details.

I want to know about the copyright policy of BMD.
Answer: Copyrights for articles published in BMD are retained by the authors, but first publication rights should be with BMD. Journal will not be responsible for subsequent publication of your work, that author himself has to look at.

Can I join editorial team/referee team of BMD?
Answer: Yes you can join it. Just send your CV and complete editorial form and send it to editor and you will be considered for this.

What is the frequency of publication of BMD?
Answer: BMD is a monthly journal.

When I will get the acceptance letter, if my paper is accepted?
Answer: You will get acceptance letter within a week of submission if your paper has been accepted.

Is BMD an indexed journal?
Answer: BMD is indexed in EBSCO HOST, Ulrich's Web, Cabell's Directories, Contemporary Science Association, Index Copernicus, Scirus, Open J-Gate, New Jour, DOAJ, ZDB, University Library of Regensburg and World Cat.